Magnet Jewelry troubleshooting - Hand Stamped Trinkets

 Troubleshooting magnet jewelry.

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1. The magnet hurts my nose/ear/lip sometimes

  • They are not meant for long term wear - fit and comfort depends body shape and where you place them. If you have a nickel allergy, these are NOT for you as they do contain nickel.
2.  You can see the magnet on the outside of my nose.
  • Sometimes the magnet will be visible on the nose. These are magnets, not real piercings. I use the thinnest magnets available while still giving the most hold.
3.  My gem keeps falling off my nose.
  • Movement does occur as the magnets slide around slightly. The best fit is in the crease or fold of your nostril, as this is the thinnest part of your nose. Fit and comfort depends on nose size and where you place them. Magnet jewelry is not as stable as a real piercing so be careful not to accidentally hit your nose, or sneeze with them in.
4.  My gem/magnet won't stay put.
  • Magnet jewelry is NOT as stable as a real piercing. Movement does occur as the magnets slide around slightly. Adjustment while wearing them is possible and care must be taken not to hit/touch your nose, or if you feel like you will sneeze you must take it out.
5.  Oh no! My gem came off!
  • The gem is glued on with an industrial strength bond, but at some point they will probably come off because they are only for a temporary wear. Use them as an idea of whether you'd like the real piercing or not. Don't expect them to last longer than a few weeks.  Be sure NOT to "snap" the magnets together as this can cause the gem to pop off or even cause the magnets to break
6.  My gem keeps flipping over showing the magnet side, not the gem.
  • If your gem keeps flipping over during placement, adjust the inner magnet by flipping it over until your gem stands correctly. You are getting a negative attraction to the magnets.

7.  The backing magnet is so big!

  • These take getting use too. The larger the backing magnet, the stronger the hold. Sizes range from 5mmx2mm, 6mmx2mm, 7mmx2mm and 8mmx3mm. These sizes are strong to strongest and fit determines the size of your nose. See a measuring tape if you are not sure which size is right for you.
As a reminder, magnet and all ear, nose and lip jewelry sales are final due to hygiene/health criteria.