Magnetic Septum Ring -No piercing needed

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An ingenious solution for those seeking a touch of edgy style without the commitment: the Temporary Magnetic Septum Nose Ring. This innovative accessory is tailor-made for individuals who either can't or prefer not to undergo the piercing process, yet still desire the captivating allure of a septum piercing.

Crafted with precision and designed for ultimate comfort, our magnetic nose ring features a horseshoe-style design that effortlessly mimics the appearance of a genuine septum piercing. The horseshoe shape cleverly nestles against the base of your nostrils, offering the illusion of a real septum piercing, without the permanence or pain associated with actual piercing procedures.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our magnetic nose ring ensures a secure hold without the need for painful piercings. It's easily removable and adjustable, granting you complete control over your style choices. Plus, the magnetic mechanism is discreet, ensuring a seamless and authentic appearance that will leave others in awe of your daring fashion sense.

FREE spikes included!

•Silver, Stainless Steel Magnetic
•10mm wide, 15mm long
•3mm ball ends with interchangeable 3mm spike ends

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